Art to Income Episode 7: Learn how Michael Elsner has gotten over 2,000 licensed music placements.

Michael Elsner has had over 2,000 placements of original music on TV Shows, Films, and Commercials, as well as Film and Video Game Trailers. In his second episode, he dives into part of the process he uses to get placements, and how he focuses on the “outcomes” every time he spends time in the studio.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to focus on being creative and eliminating distractions
  • Key point: Know the game you’re in.
  • The Game: Music industry is based on publishing — that’s how you’re going to get paid.
  • Learn how to visualize the “scene” your music takes place in.
  • How to monetize the time spent on “music”
  • Key point: There has to be a purpose when getting into the studio. There has to be an outcome.
  • Steer your music production to defined “outlets” (artists, commercials, video games, etc…)
  • How Michael created an online course to help producers and musicians can follow his plan and process to getting licensed music.
  • Four Steps to Getting Your Music Licensed. ( – 33 videos in the core course.