Art to Income Episode 6: Finding Your Best Opportunities Regardless of Where You Live.

Michael Elsner has had over 2,000 placements of original music on TV Shows, Films, and Commercials, as well as Film and Video Game Trailers. He joins us to talk about how TV discovered him by accident, and how it changed his thinking about making a living in the music industry.

Show Notes

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • What it means to be making money in the music industry through diversification.
  • Why the first move to Nashville wasn’t a success.
  • How struggling became the catalyst of change.
  • What it meant to pick up and drive to LA.
  • How to deliver music that supervisors want.
  • How to live in Nashville but do all work out of LA.
  • Difference between Music Industry and the TV Industry, for music