Art to Income Episode 5: Be Different by Being Professional …and be the one that gets the gigs!

Rich Redmond is one of Nashville’s most passionate and recognizable musicians. Known and respected not just for his impressive tenure as both touring and recording drummer for Country Superstar Jason Aldean, but also as a master educator and coach for aspiring musicians across the United States.

In this episode Rich shares what it took stand out and how being professional can mean the difference between never getting a call back, or leading down a path to playing in front of stadium crowds.

Show Notes

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • What it’s like recording an entire album in 4 days
  • Indie artists now have the same distribution channels that signed artists do
  • How Musician’s Council is working to change the game for upcoming artists
  • Why professionalism in the music business is important
  • How to maintain professionalism even when others aren’t
  • How to balance life between personal, creative and professional
  • Learning to enjoying your craft and helping make the rest of the team look good
  • Why restrictions aren’t bad, and how they help define ability to focus your creativity