Art to Income Episode 4: The story of how Prince and The New Power Generation was Formed

Tommy Barbarella, the Keyboard player for Prince and The New Power Generation, Art Garfunkel, and Nick Jonas talks about moving to Minneapolis after watching Purple Rain, playing with Prince in The New Power Generation and ultimately working with the Minnesota Orchestra on the Purple Rain Tribute Performance for the Vikings Halftime show.

Show Notes

In this powerful episode, Tommy and Doug talk about:

  • When Tommy saw Purple Rain, then moved to Minneapolis
  • How Tommy met Prince
  • How The New Power Generation was Formed
  • Recording Diamonds and Pearls
  • The New Power Generation Workflow
  • The amount of stress involved in playing at that level
  • The importance of looking clean and playing the part as a performer
  • Transitioning from playing with Prince to other acts
  • What it’s like turning down opportunities like Janet Jackson
  • How Prince rewrote songs for live performances
  • Writing the Purple Rain tribute for the Vikings Halftime show