Art to Income Episode 2: That’s not art, I could do that! (but you didn’t)

10-time Grammy award winning producer Reid Shippen shares insight on what it takes to succeed in the music industry (which includes loving it so much you bleed from your eyes) as well as what the next frontier of media looks like.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Advice on monetizing
  • Building your plan
  • Properly setting your expectations
  • Creating music because you love it so much you have to
  • What it means to find 1000 true fans
  • The secret to success in the music industry is no secret. It’s talent.
  • Honing your craft
  • It’s all backwards from how it used to be
  • New opportunities that weren’t previously accessible
  • Being ready for the “luck” when it happens
  • Reaching more people through new media frontiers